Send us your stories

Have you created a high impact solution to a pressing social challenge? Tell us how you did it!

We are putting out an Open Call for Inspiring Stories which give a ‘behind the scenes’ snapshot of how social change and development unfolds.

We are seeking stories which showcase the many new and untapped approaches that people and organisations around the globe are using to unleash their capacity and creativity, and open up new pathways that help them to respond better to complex social challenges and needs.

Our goal is to identify methods and processes with the highest potential, and spread these throughout the social sector.

Please share your stories, following this storyline:

  1. The challenge and solution: Description of the social challenge or needs targeted by your organisation or programme, and your response / solution   
  2. The story behind the change: Tell us about the methods or processes that helped you innovate, generate and implement social change. We are looking for stories which tell us more than just what you did, but also how you did it: we want to get an insider view of how social change happens
  3. Reaching new heights: How did these methods help you to work more effectively, efficiently and/or sustainably?
  4. Lessons learned: What factors were critical to the success of the approach? How did you overcome challenges?
  5. Contact details: Contact name, organisation, email address

Email your story to or submit your story in the form below.

Please note: By submitting your story, you agree to allow us to use the material in reports, publications and web-related publicity. You/your organisation will be fully attributed in all instances.


Thank you for your time.

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